We’re Advancing Primary Market Connectivity

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Get access to new deals in the primary fixed income market

Take advantage of a new and unique seamless connection – with real-time updates – between the primary and secondary market in Europe.

We’ve integrated InvestorAccess, S&P Global Market Intelligence’s digital primary market platform, to offer one consolidated workflow for the primary and secondary markets.

Facilitating capital formation

  • Set up securities faster and access electronic liquidity quicker
  • Reduce the manual processes related to the sheer volume of unstructured primary data

Streamlining the workflow

This integration removes the manual workflow from sellside to buyside, allowing allocations to flow seamlessly from the bank syndicate desk to the buyside and onwards to downstream systems.

  1. Buyside traders send orders electronically from within Tradeweb directly into every syndicated banks' orderbook – without exception.
  2. Electronic allocations received from syndicated banks then become available in Tradeweb to send to downstream systems using existing secondary connectivity.


Standardised deal terms Receive standardised deal terms so that information on each deal and at each stage is consistent, comprehensive and in a machine-readable format.

No duplicate orders One ‘golden copy’ of the order from the buyside in the orderbook removes the need for duplicate sales orders, speeding up reconciliation and enabling deals to price sooner.

Increased visibility Get clear visibility of all deals that are active at any given time, along with orderbook status (open/closed) and latest pricing information.

Increased efficiency Buyside ownership of the order reduces risk of manual errors, speeds up deal execution and allows sellside sales to focus more on value-add conversations with the buyside.

Faster allocations Receive allocations electronically in Tradeweb and route downstream as soon as the syndicate banks release them.

Full auditability Full audit trail of all communication between sellside and buyside.

About InvestorAccess

InvestorAccess increases efficiency and reduces operational risk for the buyside by providing direct access to 230+ banks in the primary market. InvestorAccess is built upon our fixed income sellside suite, including IssueBook and IssueNet, and can be connected to multiple buyside platforms such as Order Management Systems.

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