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Portfolio Trading

for credit bonds


New for the credit bond market

Trade large lists of buys and/or sells typically directed to a designated portfolio trader, and view aggregate level pricing and analytics on the whole package of trades.

Execution efficiency

Through the electronification of your portfolio trades, you’ll find better liquidity, reduce the risk of human error, ensure a more efficient information exchange and streamline your Excel-based workflow.

Read Iseult Conlin’s blog on portfolio trading – an innovative solution for corporate bonds.

Why portfolio trading?

  • Achieve fast and efficient execution on a large notional trade comprising multiple bonds
  • View aggregate level information on the whole package with Ai-Price, our advanced pricing tool, or the Tradeweb Composite price*
  • Evaluate spread/prices for hundreds of line items
  • Reduce the risk of human error inherent in an Excel-based workflow
  • Minimise information leakage by sending orders directly to a designated portfolio trader
  • Gain additional insights by running Tradeweb’s pre- and post-trade Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) on your portfolio

Portfolio trading for U.S. Credit bonds & European Credit bonds


Available bonds:

European, U.S. Investment Grade, U.S. High Yield, and Emerging Markets


Multi-directional trades supported; i.e. both buys and sells in one list


Up to three dealers can be included for competitive pricing and meeting your best execution requirements


Trade all portfolio items in one trade, or just a portion of the portfolio**


Total proceeds, Weighted Average price and yield, composite difference, DV01


* Tradeweb Composite pricing used for European Credit, Ai-Price algo reference pricing used for U.S. Credit.
** “All or nothing” trades available in Europe and U.S., trading a portion of the portfolio only available in U.S. at this time.

The Evolution of Portfolio Trading in the U.S. & Europe

Iseult Conlin, U.S. Institutional Credit Product Manager at Tradeweb, discussed the evolution of Portfolio Trading in the U.S. & Europe at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit. She and Chioma Okoye, Director, Product Manager European Credit talk about the expansion of this new trading function into Europe and how clients will benefit.

I want to learn more about Portfolio Trading


I want to learn more about Portfolio Trading