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How does your execution quality compare to the Tradeweb client universe? Where does your trading outperform or underperform relative to other firms? Peer Analysis provides a unique measure to quantify costs, allowing you to optimize performance.

Use our new Peer Analysis tool to dissect your firm’s overall trading activity or isolate individual trades, side-by-side with your peer group:

Proprietary Pricing Algorithm – No other solution has access to Tradeweb’s proprietary market pricing, derived from the activity of over 50+ leading liquidity providers that participate on our platform

Research and Evaluate – Detailed trade analysis criteria and extensive filtering options let you perform in-depth analysis, evaluate transaction costs and identify outliers

Easy Export – One click exports your analysis straight to PDF or Excel

TCA Market Coverage


  • European Government Bonds
  • U.S. Treasuries
  • Japanese Government Bonds
  • Australian/New Zealand Government Bonds


  • Covered Bonds
  • European Credit
  • Supranational, Agencies,
    and Sovereigns (SAS)